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Top Club HR este un mediu sigur, de înaltă clasă, pentru lideri și manageri de HR cu viziune, un grup extraordinar de lideri și manageri, căruia ești mândru să îi aparții.

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About the Moderator

Cristian Fertea

Abia așteptăm să te cunoaștem și să te primim în grupul nostru special.

How to get the most from this meeting

Follow these tips to make the most from this meeting

Watch from a Desktop or Laptop Computer - For the best viewing experience, we highly recommend ensuring you're on a computer or laptop rather than mobile.
Bring a pen and take notes! We'll be sharing some amazing things during the meeting, so be prepared and bring a notepad and pen to jot down your new ideas
Block out 2 hours for the full presentation - We'll run for around 2hr, so block out that time so you can give the Top Club HR CAFE your full attention!
Switch off other distractions - I know that everyone's lives are busy and full of distractions, but I promise that if you switch off those distractions you'll benefit from this class

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